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the online peer-reviewed publication for medical students
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  • 01/28/18--21:00: Her Wardrobe
  • In high school, I was obsessed with wearing only vintage clothing. After hours of painstakingly searching every clothing rack at Goodwill, I would find a well-worn baseball jersey or an elaborately bejeweled Christmas sweater. I felt a sense of immense pride in reclaiming someone else's memories -- their winning games, their holiday parties - in an attempt to express my “uniqueness”.

    The post Her Wardrobe appeared first on in-Training.

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  • 02/22/18--21:00: Ready to Go
  • The very first patient I ever met on my internal medicine rotation was someone who hated being in the hospital. He took every opportunity in the following ten days to remind us that he was waiting to be discharged.

    The post Ready to Go appeared first on in-Training.

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  • 03/04/18--21:00: Outside the Room
  • I was called to a code the other day. Now I should probably clarify: as a medical student, I don’t actually do anything (unless they really need people for compressions). In fact, I wasn’t even in the room.

    The post Outside the Room appeared first on in-Training.

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  • 03/06/18--21:00: The Testing Epidemic
  • Daily labs are commonly ordered on hospitalized patients. While such tests may be indicated when patients are acutely ill and the clinical picture is unclear, there are many times when this is not the case.

    The post The Testing Epidemic appeared first on in-Training.

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    Some of my friends and family are really fascinated when I tell them I'm on my third-year surgery rotation. It is hard to convey how glamorous and inspiring it is, so I've written a short summary of a morning in the operating room.

    The post The Glamorous Life of a Medical Student in the Operating Room appeared first on in-Training.

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    I know this sounds clichéed, but as my third year of medical school draws to a close, I realize that my photography adventure is pretty similar to my third year.

    The post Adventure #17: Behind the Lens appeared first on in-Training.

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  • 07/17/18--21:00: The Ways We Fail
  • Empathy is a muscle you have to exercise just like any other. It is a choice. It’s something you have to study and practice and sometimes fail at and always try again.

    The post The Ways We Fail appeared first on in-Training.

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    While there is no way to choose our patients’ outcomes, we can certainly choose to be empathetic and compassionate regardless of their outcomes. Medicine without empathy and compassion is not medicine at all.

    The post Compassion in Medicine: Looking Beyond the Patient’s Illness appeared first on in-Training.

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  • 10/14/18--21:00: My First Code Blue
  • “Are you okay, sweetie?” asks the intern as we start to ascend. She is completely unconscious, looking into nothingness. I start to feel the adrenaline. “I don’t think she’s okay,” remarks the intern.

    The post My First Code Blue appeared first on in-Training.

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    Though the white coat’s role in medicine today is complex -- to some, a respected symbol of medicine's history; to others, a antiquated relic of a paternalistic past -- few medical students or frontline residents would deny this emblematic item one major utility: a source of pockets.

    The post In My White Coat Pockets: Surgery Clerkship appeared first on in-Training.